Release date: 2017-04-14

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'Honeymoon Cowboys ... Liberating The West!'

Dark and gloomy sounds from the Wild West with great passion and a touch of joy.

HONEYMOON COWBOYS are a Belgian band formed by Antonio Palermo (guitar) and  Klaas Hoogerwaard (drums), both of ex-Siglo XX, together with Tom Van Troyen (vocals) of Spiral of Silence, Kris Dries (bass, guitar) and Thomas François (keyboards, piano).

Kris played additional guitar on the Lords of Acid Voodoo-U album and was also involved in several bands like De Krabbers, Fruitcake Freddy, John Tennis... as singer, bass guitarist and guitar player. Thomas has played in several bands. He was the front man of Blue Train (blues rock), best known in Genk and also plays in The Pundits, a neo-sixties band with songs that are inspired by the 60s.


Siglo XX is still one of the most renown Belgian New-Wave/Cold-Wave bands of the 80's who soon after the release of theirs first release / 7" 'Individuality', gathered a strong following in and outside Belgium. With their atmospheric, yet energetic live shows and dark sounding vocals they quickly earned themselves a real cult-status while the press respectfully referred to them as 'The Belgian Joy Division'. After several releases on the Belgian cult label Antler Records they signed to PIAS (Play It Again Sam) for the release of 3 more albums.  However, after the release of their last studio album ‘Under a Purple Sky’ in 1989 the band became inactive at the end of 1991. Since, most of their releases became hard to find (expensive) collector items.

Today, more than 25 years later, Siglo XX ex-members formed HONEYMOON COWBOYS.     Dark rock sounds, with a gloomy touch due to the piano/ synth makes a direct bond with the latest period of Siglo XX.  As if HONEYMOON COWBOYS has pursued the legacy where Siglo XX stopped it.

Those lucky ones who already witnessed their try out gigs or their rememberable concert at the Eurorock festival (2015) will confirm this for sure.  

At Geleen Calling 2015 and BIMFEST 2015 Honeymoon Cowboys played as headliners a full show containing also Siglo XX tracks!


On May 7, 2016  HONEYMOON COWBOYS will introduce their new CD

Place to be Café Café Hasselt

Original Siglo XX bass player Dirk Chauvaux will join them on stage as a guest musician.