Tb frank (°23/11/58) , Leuven ,Belgium autodidact

born & raised in an artistic family

started playing bass & guitar in several rockbands at the age of 16 (the 70's)

influence : Jimi Hendrix, CCR , Pink Floyd

1974 Played “Heroin” on a boat from Barcelona to Ibiza

1980 : experimental music with Dirk Da Davo

which resulted in : The Neon Judgement

first legendary recording on Antler Records : Factory Walk/ Sweet Revenge

first album 1985 at PIAS : “1981-1984”

made approx. 10 full albums with TNJ on Play it Again Sam

1994 Played Bass with Lords of Acid U.S. Tour

1995 played Bass with Praga Khan,Jade 4 U, D.O. Japan Tour.

and toured around the world 'till 2015

90 + gigs in all major European cities,and Trans Atlantic venues in Canada and the USA

The Neon Judgement Farewell Tour in 2015

Started collaboration with “Baustein” in 2016

made the album : (TOCK!) between 2016/2017



                                     BAUSTEIN (°25/12/75) Euskirchen Germany

born & raised behind a pianomulti instrumentalist

got his first musical shock at a “Ramones”concert

influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Slash,Satriani

Studied Jazz in Belgium was a DJ after school,

studied songwriting and performing at M.I.T. in LA, after moving to Hollywood.

Hooked up with Christopher Franke (Tangerine Dream) in his Hollywood studios

Studied producing, sounddesign,bandcoaching,recording.

Is running his own Private Guitar-Studio with contemporary musictraining, teaches  guitar, drums, songwriting and production

2000 :Founded Baustein Music and produces instrumental and orchestral music for film & TV

Works under different names as Manic Youth (Electro Rock)

KONKR33T (Dutch Nu Metal)

Started collaboration with “ TB Frank”

made the album : (TOCK!) between 2016/2017