SUNS OF ARQA the end of an era:

After a ground breaking legacy of more than thirty five albums, prolific singles and re-mixes, which have seen some of the greatest innovators of the UK music scene: Adrian Sherwood, Raja Ram, John Leckie, Youth, Alex Patterson, The Orb, Zion Train, John Cooper-Clarke, Guy Called Gerald, Gaudi, 808 State, Prince Far-I, Muslim Gauze, Professor Stanley Unwin and many more, collaborate with this totally unique underground force of music SUNS OF ARQA.


Musical shaman MICHAEL WADADA has announced with deep regret but heart felt gratitude to all who have been part of this incredible sonic journey, after nearly four decades of surviving the dark forces of the BabyLondon music business that the SUNS OF ARQA mission is now complete. What started as a musical vision for WADADA, while on a road trip to visit legendary reggae artist PRINCE FAR-I in Kingston, Jamaica, has blossomed into his solo voyage, establishing a spiritual-political movement in the Highlands of Scotland, and releasing his new album on the Belgium label ‘Tracks and Traces’ (Footprint 201502). Which kicks off with a storming ‘radio friendly’ mix of ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER by legendary UK producer John Leckie (Stone Roses, Paul Simon, Muse, Radio Head). While a live version of ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER captures the spirit in full force and promises a show not to be missed!


WADADA takes you on a cosmic journey featuring great classical Indian artists RAGHUNATH SETH on bansuri and KADIR DURVESH on shenai, laced with his signature dub bass grooves massaging the senses. The Beatles ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ is beautifully re-worked remaining true to the original but infused with the WADADA magic of haunting drones and electronica. MAYBE YOU’RE A RICH MAN features George Harrison Shenai maestro,Kadir Durvesh.


Wadada had to personally sing this song to Sir Paul McCartney ,to ask permission to record it, Paul said"cool" 

WADADA is paving the way to higher ground and open to all those who want to come along for the ride. The album is a tribute to all the musicians who have been part of SUNS OF ARQA and features several classic tunes from their past catalogue, along with the new!


 A quote by: Katy Hallowell a freelance writer and producer , says it all

 “I wanted to reach out with the hope that I could learn through Wadada, personally, the nature of and inspiration for the inimitable music he has been creating for decades. I’ve been digging, deep into the internet to find out more about the man who has been the brain and creative energy behind a collaboration of some 200 musicians globally—an anomaly in the music world of todays generation—that I believe deserves recognition. I’m hopeful that, no matter who receives this email, will recognize that Wadada should be exposed to a larger audience, focusing on the rarity and idiosyncratic form and sound of his music.“